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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the App Shop tab.

Connecting to App shop gives you the following advantages:

  1. You get access to the system updates. It is necessary to have this access to keep your system up and running.
  2. You can download the applications (modules, extensions, new designs and so on) that will help you in setting up the system per your particular business requirements and, as a result, will encourage your customers to purchase more frequently on your website.

See also Connecting to App Shop

Under the App Shop tab, you can reset and update your storage keys.

1138 App Shop.jpg

Use the Store tab to browse through the App Shop, working with category tree, applying filters (All, Designed by osCommerce, Free only) and searching by name and keywords.

1139 App Shop Store tab.jpg

The My library tab allows you to search through the list of linked apps (free and paid).

1140 App Shop My library.jpg

Move to the Local storage tab to upload apps and manage apps installed and integrated into your Shop.

For your convenience, all data for these applications is presented as a table containing the following columns: Application, Type, Requirements, File, Size, Date, State, Action.

If necessary, you can clean up your local storage in one click.  

The Quick search feature is available to search for apps by name.

1141 App Shop Local storage.jpg

Under the System update tab, you can check, download and update to the latest version of osCommerce.

Use the link to see change log for more information.

1142 App Shop System update.jpg