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Connecting to App shop gives you the following advantages:

  1. You get access to the system updates and It is necessary to have this access to keep your system up and running. In the beginning we try to make these updates every week, but later they will not be so frequent. In the system updates we take into account both the comments from the forum and the comments that are PMed to us so our updates are based on the feedback from our clients.
  2. You can download the applications (modules, extensions, new designs and so on) that will help you in setting up the system per your particular business requirements and, as a result, will encourage your customers to purchase more frequently on your website.

See the information below how to connect to App shop.

After you accessed the admin area of your website click on App Shop tab, read the instructions highlighted in yellow and proceed accordingly. If you are not registered yet, visit application shop by clicking on the corresponding link.

Image 1231.png

Sign in to your osCommerce or forum account or create the new one.

Image 767.png

Click on Application shop settings option.

Image 1230.png

Then click on Add shop key button.

Image 1229.png

Paste the 'secutiry store key' copied from the section highlighted in yellow in the Shop key field and fill in the Shop name field as well. Make sure you copy the 'secutiry store key' without brackets.

Image 1228.png
Image 1227.png

Click on Show Key link in the Storage key column and copy this key.

Image 1226.png

Click on use button on this page link back in your admin area of your website and paste the storage key in the pop up window. You can apply this connection either for all the administrators by clicking on Apply for all button or only for you as the administrator by clicking on Apply button.

Image 1225.png

The confirmation message will appear afterwards so you can start obtaining the required modules or extensions now.

Image 1224.png

See the link to the video below demonstrating how to connect to App Shop: