DOA / RMA (Dead On Arrival / Return Merchandise Authorization)

DOA / RMA (Dead On Arrival / Return Merchandise Authorization)

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Manage product returns and customer communications using DOA/RMA module

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DOA/RMA module is a tool used for managing product returns and communication between administrators and customers during the process. This out of the box module can cover all business processes connected with DOA/RMA and can be easily configured and extended to meet specific website owner tasks and requirements. It is possible to

customize DOA/RMA module through settings without additional coding



Manage returning time and assign replacement order statuses with DOA/RMA module

. Administrators can manage the maximum time for returning a product and assign required order status for replacement orders, through DOA/RMA configuration.

To meet their business requirements, website owners can

rename request statuses and create product return reasons using DOA/RMA module


From the customer's perspective, the return process is easy and seamless. They can

submit requests, choose return reasons and products with DOA/RMA module

. It means that customers can submit a return request while viewing a shipped order from their account, choose a return reason, indicate if a product needs to be returned or replaced, write a note, and attach supporting documents.


Use automatic notifications for return requests using DOA/RMA module

. Once a customer submits a return request, administrators are automatically notified. They can

reply, print requests, or update delivery data using DOA/RMA module


This module offers multiple return options. Administrators can

refuse returns, return cost as bonus, credit, or money using DOA/RMA module

. It is also possible to

make replacements or indicate no need for return with DOA/RMA module


After a return request is processed, customers are notified, and corresponding orders are updated. If necessary, administrators can

restock products and submit replacement orders using DOA/RMA module



This module is used both in the backend and on the front end. In the backend it is available under the Orders/Customers/RMA and Communication tabs, on the front end it is available in a customer’s account under the Return request and Returns history link or while viewing a shipped order.

Widgets and pages:

Invoice page has 2 widgets - RMA products and RMA document data. Account page has 2 widgets as well - Print return button and RMA return history. The Order invoice page has an RMA document.
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