Communication module

Communication module

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Manage communication between customers and administrators

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Communication module facilitates communication between customers and administrators through the creation of

customizable communication groups

. Shop owners can create as many groups as they need, depending on the specific needs of their business.

If necessary, it is possible to

attach files during chat-based communication

. By default, client requests are sent directly to the appropriate manager for a response, but there is an option to

forward requests to other communication groups

if needed.


Assign managers to different communication groups

to deal with sales, delivery, shipment, or returns issues. This module allows

collaboration between different communication groups

for managers to solve problems quickly without involving the client in internal departmental communication.

The communication is supported by

new message notifications for all communication participants


Automatically update case statuses with Communication module

. The "Open" status is assigned when a new request is received and changes to "Closed" when the issue is resolved. Shop owners can customize the case statuses or add new ones as needed.

This module streamlines communication between customers and administrators, allowing for efficient problem resolution within the system.


This module is used both in the backend and on the front end. In the backend it is available under the Communication tab, on the front end it is available under the Communication history link or in a customer’s account or under the Communication link in the footer.

Widgets and pages:

Communication page has 4 widgets: new topic, new topic button, topic list and post list. Account page has a new topic widget. The pages messages communication, messages communication action new topic, messages communication action posts and messages communication action no logged are added to this module.

See also:

Admin chat module - communication between administrators (build in module) module - communication between an administrator(s) and a customer(s) (3d party account required)
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