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In 2024 your eCommerce platform needs to use the latest server technology. That’s why osCommerce uses PHP 8.1 (but of course we still support older versions, starting from php 7.3)  and Maria DB 10.x to offer the fastest and most
secure performance
for ultimate speed and security. osCommerce will always develop for compatibility with the latest and best versions of server software ensuring your eCommerce shopping cart is always
fast, safe and secure.
osCommerce V4
1,169 add-ons*
309,893  members**
1.7 Mill.  forum postings
Historical: 2000 - 2022
9,169 add-ons
356,607 members
1.7 Mill.  forum postings

we  do  our  best  to  support  the same amount of add-ons like in the versions  below v4. However there will be fewer of them as the current system is much more advanced out-of-the-box

 we have cleared the DB and removed non-existing e-mails and users
316 members are active on the forum, right now. Come in and say hi!

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version (Powerful Commerce) we work with: Samsung, Guinness World Records, Nicky Clarke, Zanussi and many more

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  • Design and development partner services
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  • Support with presentations and quotations (for partners)
  • Compatible with the latest versions of PHP and mySQL

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OSC V4 Retail App pack

1,169 apps!
Add osCommerce-made apps to your osCommerce online store to get access to the same game-changing technology that empowers online commerce for some of the world’s most-recognised brands

OSC V4 Wholesale App pack

1,169 apps!
Extend osCommerce with wholesale (trade) functionality for distributors and manufacturers. Automate processes, simplify customer onboarding and credit control, enable special prices and payment solutions, create co-branded eCommerce shops, and more.

OSC V4 Enterprise Pack

1,169 apps!
Get the instant power of our online ERP-level platform, which includes ALL osCommerce-made apps from our App Store. Not just an eCommerce shopping cart, but a business management solution, with optional hosting, support, and maintenance for your peace of mind. Fully customisable by osCommerce & our development partners.
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Managing Products Sort in Stock First
July 22, 2024
If you're looking to improve your online store's user experience by prioritizing in-stock items in your product listings, follow these simple steps to install and use the "Products Sort in Stock First" module.   Step 1: Log In Begin by logging into the admin area of your website. Step 2: Access App Shop and Store Tabs Navigate to the App Shop and Store tabs in your admin panel. Step 3: Find and Install the Module Use the quick search feature to locate the "Products Sort in Stock First module version 1.0.0." Once found, install the module on your website.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Step 4: Enable the Module Go to the Modules and Extensions tabs. Find the "Products Sort in Stock First" module. Toggle the switch to enable the module.   Using the Module Effectively Combination with Other Sorting Methods: The "Products Sort in Stock First" module is highly versatile. You can combine it with other sorting methods, such as arranging products from most expensive to least expensive, while always prioritizing in-stock items. This ensures your customers can easily find and purchase items that are readily available. Versatile Application: This feature can be applied to any listing, including specific brands and new product arrivals, offering you the flexibility to customize how products are displayed to suit your business needs. By following these steps, you can optimize your product listings to improve customer satisfaction and potentially increase sales by ensuring that customers see in-stock items first.     ...
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Replatforming Your Ecommerce Store: A Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading to the Latest Version of osCommerce
July 08, 2024
Replatforming your ecommerce store to the latest version of osCommerce ensures enhanced security, improved performance, and a responsive design optimized for all devices. This comprehensive guide helps business owners, marketing managers, ecommerce managers, and IT specialists navigate the replatforming process with clear steps for planning, data migration, SEO preservation, customization, testing, training, and go-live support. The new osCommerce offers extensive customization, third-party integrations, and continuous upgradeability, keeping your store up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements. ...
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Order Additional Fields Module
May 08, 2024
Order Additional Fields Module ...