Managing Invoice Number Format Module

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The Invoice Number Format module allows you to quickly and easily create invoices, ensuring adherence to accounting regulations and accommodating individual preferences. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for installing, configuring, and effectively utilizing the Invoice Number Format module within your website's admin area.


  1. Begin by logging into the admin area of your website.
  2. Locate and access the App Shop and Store tabs within the admin panel.
  3. Employ the search function to find the Invoice Number Format module (version 1.0.0). Once identified, proceed to install the module on your website by following the provided on-screen prompts and instructions.
App Shop67.jpg
IF Cont Inst.jpg
IF App Inst.jpg


  1. Following a successful installation, navigate to the Modules and Extensions tabs situated in the admin area.
  2. Locate the "Invoice Number Format" module within the list and click on the "Edit" button to access its configuration settings.
Inv Edit.jpg


  • Within the "Settings" section, activate the toggle option to enable the Invoice Number Format module for your website.

Platform Settings:

  1. Under the "Platform settings" section, click on the tab of the required sales channel.
  2. Activate the toggle options to enable order numbers and invoice numbers.
  3. Click on the desired order status(es) in the list to select the status for generating invoices.
  4. Confirm and save your configuration changes by clicking the "Update" button.
IF Sett1.jpg
IF Sett2.jpg

Generating Invoices:

  1. To create an invoice, navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Select the necessary order from the order list.
  3. Click on the "Invoice" button.

Batch Invoicing:

  1. Alternatively, select multiple orders.
  2. Utilize the batch actions option to generate several invoices for the selected orders.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated and enabled the Invoice Number Format module, tailoring it to your requirements. For further inquiries, consult the documentation provided with the module.