Setting up Facebook Login

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

Register as the developer on and after you logged in click on Create Apps tab.

Image 290.png

Click on Create App button to create the new application.

Image 289.png

Under Type choose None.

Image 291.png

Fill in the required details and click on Create App button.

Image 292.png

Re-enter your Facebook password to continue.

Image 293.png

Add Facebook Login from the list of the products by clicking on Set Up button.

Image 294.png

Choose the required option under Quickstart tab.

Image 295.png

Under Settings tab set up the required settings.

Image 296.png

Under Settings and Basic tabs fill in the fields in the way it is shown on the screenshot below as a sample as well as copy App ID and App Secret.

Image 297.png

After you access the admin area of your website click on Settings and Socials tabs. Choose the required front end, click on Facebook social module and then on Edit button.

Under Authorization tab paste your Facebook keys in the corresponding fields.