Managing Product Bundles

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Managing product bundles can significantly enhance your online store's offerings. Follow these step-by-step instructions to seamlessly configure and optimize your product bundles in the admin area of your website.

Step 1: Enable the Product Bundles Module

  1. Access the admin area of your website.
  2. Navigate to the Modules and Extensions tabs.
  3. Use the Quick search feature to locate the Product Bundles module.
  4. Toggle the status switch to enable the module.
1 Product Bundles status.jpg

Step 2: Create a Product Bundle

  1. On a product editing page, click the "Switch To Bundle Product" button.
2 Product Bundles switch.jpg

2. Confirm your action by choosing “Yes” in the pop-up window.

3 Product Bundles switch confirm.jpg

Step 3: Add Products to the Bundle

  1. Move to the Price and Products tab.
  2. In the Find Products section, select the required products.
  3. Click the Assign button (>>). The selected products will appear in the Assigned Products section on the right.
4 Product Bundles assign.jpg

Step 4: Set Pricing and Discounts

  • Choose between a fixed price or set discount options for the assigned products.
  • Specify prices for bundle products with the fixed price option.
  • Set discounts for each product or all bundle products with the set discount option. Cumulative discounts are applicable when both are set.
  • Disable children's own discounts by toggling the switch.
  • In the Sales Price section, add a tax class if needed.
  • Create product sales rules by clicking the Edit link.

Step 5: Configure Additional Options

  • Enable or disable Gift wrap, Shipping surcharge, and Quantity discount options.
  • Control promotions and discounts by clicking on the corresponding option.

Step 6: Save Your Customizations

  • Click the Save button to apply and save your configured product bundle.
5 Discounts.jpg