Managing Freeze Stock

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To be able to freeze stock for accurate stocktakes, access the admin area of your website, and then move to the App Shop and Store tabs.

Find the Freeze Stock module version 1.0.0 using a quick search, and install it on your website.  

1 FSR App shop 25.png

Once installed, go to the Reports and Freeze stock tabs. To freeze stock, click the Freeze stock now button.

Freeze button.png

Now you can work with table format data, which includes the products' full name and model, total product quantity, allocated product quantity, and available stock quantity.

Update stock and manage allocated products directly from the Actions column by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Use a quick search option to find products by name.

For convenient work with a large number of items, set the display of the item quantity per page by selecting a number from the drop-down list.

To unfreeze stock, click the Unfreeze now button.

UnFreeze button.png