Managing Emails History Report

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To have a comprehensive overview of all emails sent from your site, including system-generated emails, access the admin area of your website, and then move to the App Shop and Store tabs. Find the Emails History Report module version 1.0.1 using a quick search, and install it on your website.  

App Shop 244.png

Once installed, go to the Modules and Extensions tabs. Find the Report Emails History module in the list of modules with a quick search and click the Edit button to customize the module.

Extensions tab3.png

On the module edit page, you can enable/disable the module, and set the maximum log storage period by choosing the required option from the list, and then clicking the Update button.


Now move to the Reports and Emails History tabs.

Under this tab emails history report information is presented in a table format, including columns for Date Added (date and time of record creation), Name (customer first and last name), Email (customer email), Subject (email subject), Content (original email content), and Action (option to resend email and number of resends).

You can sort information in table columns independently by clicking on the up and down triangle icons.  This feature is available for the Date Added, Name, Email, and Subject columns. Additionally, the quick search option is available for easier access.

To delete all records, click the Cleanup button.

For convenient work with a large number of records, set the display of the record number per page by selecting a number from the drop-down list.