Managing Automatic Import and Data Sources

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After you accessed the admin area of your website click on Products/Catalogue, Import/Export and Automatic import tabs. This function is used for the regular feed import, for example, the inventory feed is placed in the directory and it is imported.

1260 Automatic Import.jpg

It works in the same way as the manual import, the system uses the same types of files as per the drop down options, but the automatic import is just done automatically, according to the certain time intervals (for the first time you need to configure the feed type, columns and the time intervals).

1261 Manual import.jpg

Data Sources are a bit different type of import/export – as a rule they are custom made for the specific API. They are used either to transfer files from one server to another one (it is called edi) or to do something via API or to do the mixed actions. Under Data Sources tab click on Create data source button.

1262 Data sources.jpg

In the pop up window in the type drop down list you can find the currently available data sources.

1263 Create Data source.jpg

If you make a double click on the Import from osCommerce 2x folder, you can work with the existing data source.

1265 Import from folder.jpg

Click on the wrench icon to enter base URL, secure key and choose a required secure method.

1264 Data source configure.jpg

Click on the gearwheel icon (to the right of the wrench icon) to configure data import frequency from the old osCommerce version to the new one.

You can choose import time intervals for frequently-updated content (data), or define the exact time.

Working with data, you can add or remove data fields by clicking on the corresponding buttons.


If you click on the gearwheel icon under the wrench icon, you can set the storage period for processed files before removing:

  • 1 day
  • 1 or 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • do not remove
1267 Configure directory keep files.jpg

All the processed files can be configured individually, using the action buttons.  

1268 Processed data table.jpg

If you click on the clock icon, you can individually configure data import frequency by choosing import time intervals (once or periodically), defining the exact time or leaving it disabled.

1269 Job run frequency.jpg

To apply the processed files to the website immediately, click on the green triangle icon.

1270 Green icon.jpg