Additional Settings on Barclay Account for ePDQ Module

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After accessing your Barclay account navigate to Configuration, Technical information, then to Global security parameters tabs and then check SHA-512 option (or same as in store admin if SHA-512 is not available on site).

Image 1307.png

Then navigate to Transaction feedback tab and choose/fill in the following options there.

  1. Check the option I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs.
  2. From the Timing of the request options check Online but switch to a deferred request when the online requests fail.
  3. For If the payment's status is "accepted", "on hold" or "uncertain" fill in https://<your domain>/callback/webhooks.payment.epdq_hpp?action=ipn.
  4. For If the payment's status is "cancelled by the client" or "too many rejections by the acquirer" fill in https://<your domain>/callback/webhooks.payment.epdq_hpp?action=redirect.
Image 1308.png