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osCommerce 4.05 release
September 21, 2022
osCommerce 4.05 has been released! Read more to find out how to upgrade to the latest version and what has changed ...
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Hybrid Ecommerce
August 16, 2022
osCommerce brings a new type of Ecommerce platform to the market - a so called Hybrid Ecommerce. So what is Hybrid Ecommerce? We see it to be the best of both worlds - an open source (and free) Ecommerce solution that is also hosted as if it was SaaS (or EaaS - Ecommerce as a Service). This means users (businesses and developers) do not need to worry about hosting requirements and at the same time have full access to the source code and can change or implement any custom features, integrations, etc. Of course, it is always possible to host osCommerce on your own server! It is just so much easier (and quite likely more cost effective!) to use osCommerce's own hosting solutions.  Hybrid Ecommerce from osCommerce Users can choose to have osCommerce installed for free on one of our servers to try osCommerce before use.  Once satisfied with its features, speed, robustness - they can choose to move to a paid osCommerce hosting account or to download and use osCommerce site on their own server. Move to an osCommerce-managed server is done automatically. Server environment is optimised for osCommerce, allowing it to give the best performance. It is also managed and upgraded with the latest server software. Most importantly, osCommerce installation can be automatically updated to the latest version of osCommerce (and Applications) as well. Any customisations, done right, will stay but all the standard modules and the core of osCommerce will be regularly updated, bringing fixes, changes, new features. Full FTP and mySQL access are offered to businesses and developers should they require such.   ...
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osCommerce 4.03 release
August 16, 2022
osCommerce 4.03 has been released. Read more about what's new in the latest version of popular open source free shopping cart! ...
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osCommerce 4.02 release
August 09, 2022
osCommerce 4.02 release, update notes, download instructions ...
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osCommerce 4.01 release
August 04, 2022
osCommerce 4.01 is available from https://www.oscommerce.com   Changes are available from osCommerce Wiki:  https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Change_Log We will continue working on fixing issues and adding features, osCommerce will be regularly developed and updated. ...
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osCommerce 4.0 Interview
August 03, 2022
What is osCommerce 4.0? How it was created and why? What is the team behind osCommerce? How was osCommerce released during the war in Ukraine?  All of this and more in the video interview, done by David Goodale of Merchant Accounts (Canada):     Visit Merchant Accounts Canada  for the full video and transcript ...
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osCommerce proudly developed in the UK and Ukraine
July 27, 2022
As many readers would know, osCommerce is headquartered from the UK but the majority of our team members are in Ukraine. Same as it was for Magento btw, and for many other amazing technological solutions. What many readers perhaps do not realize is that osCommerce continues to be developed while the war is raging in Ukraine.  For example, the final touches to version 4 were made in the evening, while air raid sirens were wailing in many locations in Ukraine where our colleagues are located. We would like to once again express our appreciation and applaud the strong spirit of our colleagues who managed to complete their task (be it with a delay) and release osCommerce 4.0! Those men and women who continue to work hard on adding more features, enabling the App Shop, fixing those teething problems that users of osCommerce report to us. We are working hard to release more features and solutions, and will be updating you in due course! ...
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osCommerce v4 release
July 25, 2022
osCommerce 4 released today ...
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osCommerce Roadmap
July 25, 2022
Read more about osCommerce Roadmap ...
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osCommerce is dead... Long live osCommerce!
July 25, 2022
How osCommerce started, became extremely popular, went into decline and almost died... And was re-born and is being launched today on the way to success! ...

Issue #30: June 30, 2003

By Harald Ponce de Leon

June 30, 2003

osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Progress
New Forum Testing Site
Improved Method Of Storing Product Prices

Discussions regarding this weekly report can be found here:


osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Progress

As everyone has noticed, we've missed the release date stated in the previous summary report.

The good news to that is, we've closed a lot of bug reports since then and are happy to announce that Milestone 2 will be ready any day now.

If you would like to help make Milestone 2 a better release, grab the latest snapshot release and report any bugs found.

The bug reporter can be reached at:


We'd like to thank everyone for their support in helping us finalize the Milestone 2 release the right way.

New Forum Testing Site

To improve the community spirit and interaction within the forums, a new forum setup has been put online to see if it better meets the demands of the ever growing community.

We would like to know if the forum testing site provides a better experience by providing better search results and overall better performance compared to the current forums.

As the community is growing every day, new forum members have been given moderator status to help keep the forums in a clean and stable manner.

We welcome Pierre (The_Bear) and Fritz Clapp (zzfritz) on board the moderator team, who are the first to be invited in helping out.

The forum rules have also been updated to be clearer on how the forum is expected to run, and to refer both members and moderators to when problems arise.

The forum testing site is running on a snapshot of the current forum from last week. The content there is to serve as a testing and playing field to familiarize ones self with the new and different interactions available.

No support will be provided on the forum testing site - those seeking support, please do so on the current forum at https://forums.oscommerce.com.

If the overall feedback is positive, an announcement will be made stating what date and time the forum will be put offline so the migration process can occur in a safe manner.

The forum testing site is available here:


[Please note, if and once the migration has occured, the current address of https://forums.oscommerce.com will still be used to access the support forum]

Feedback regarding the forum testing site should not occur in the News and Announcements forum channel, but in the General forum channel here:


Improved Method Of Storing Product Prices

The method of storing product prices has been improved by making available the option of inserting the products price with or without tax included.

Two input fields are offered for both prices, where each are automatically updated reflecting the tax class selected.

As normal, the price without tax is stored in the database.