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Managing Cities
December 04, 2023
Managing Cities ...
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Managing Geo Zones
December 01, 2023
Managing Geo Zones ...
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Managing Counties and States
November 30, 2023
Managing Counties and States ...
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Managing Countries
November 29, 2023
Managing Countries ...
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Managing Filters
November 28, 2023
Managing Filters ...
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Managing Cache Control
November 27, 2023
Managing Cache Control ...
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Managing Cross Sell Type
November 24, 2023
Managing Cross Sell Type ...
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Managing Stock Delivery Terms
November 23, 2023
Managing Stock Delivery Terms ...
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Managing Notify Me when in Stock
November 22, 2023
Managing Notify Me when in Stock  ...
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Managing Stock Indication
November 21, 2023
Managing Stock Indication ...









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Issue #1: March 3, 2002

By Harald Ponce de Leon

March 3, 2002

Welcome to the first issue of osCommerces Weekly Summary report. Below you'll find interesting issues that has either been discussed on the online forums or internally with the core team. Providing weekly summaries is an attempt to improve the communication to the community and to keep you up to date on the progress of osCommerce.

New Tax Structure Proposed
New Support Team Assembled
Knowledge Base Proposal
Live Discussions Server Change
Jan Wildeboer At FOSDEM
Information Portal Temporarily Offline
SourceForge Graphic On The Support Site
PHP Security Update

New Tax Structure Proposed

Updates to the tax structure in the current 2.2-CVS development sources has been proposed to add greater flexibility in setting default tax rates. This includes replacing the static global TAX_VALUE parameter with a solution configurable through the Administration Tool to allow products to have different default tax values (food, hardware, books, etc).

More information can be read online at:


New Support Team Assembled

A new Support Team has been assembled to take care of the support services available on the support site. This team will be led by Jan Wildeboer, and has Christian Lescuyer as a member.

If you're interested in joining this team, please contact Jan Wildeboer.

Knowledge Base Proposal

The Frequently Asked Questions section on the Support Site will soon be replaced with an interactive Knowledge Base section. This section will provide an improved navigation structure and easier to read knowledge base entries in an attempt to help new comers, shop owners, and developers understand how osCommerce works.

User feedback/comments will be possible, with the option to rate the knowledge base entries.

The feedback provided will be reviewed by the Support Team to improve the quality of the content.

Live Discussions Server Change

The Live Discussions server has moved from WebGroup Media to the Open Projects Network. The Open Projects Network is reachable at irc.openprojects.net.

Thanks go to WebGroup Media who have allowed us to use their server in the past.

Jan Wildeboer At FOSDEM

Jan Wildeboer has attended this years FOSDEM event held at Brussels on the 16th and 17th of February.

Jan gave a discussion on the support given by open source projects. The summary of the discussion is available at:


Information Portal Temporarily Offline

The Information Portal section on the support site has been put temporarily offline. It will be cleaned up and contain only links that are in regard to osCommerce.

SourceForge Graphic On The Support Site

The SourceForge graphic has been added to the footer on the support site. This allows SourceForge to provide site statistics at the project page located at SourceForge. The project page is available at:


PHP Security Update

From the PHP website:

Due to a security issue found in all versions of PHP (including 3.x and 4.x), a new version of PHP has been released. Details about the security issue are available here. All users of PHP are strongly encouraged to either upgrade to PHP 4.1.2, or install the patch (available for PHP 3.0.18, 4.0.6 and 4.1.0/4.1.1).


You can further discuss it on our Forum