Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

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Create and share wedding registries with ease


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Wedding Registry module is a powerful tool designed to help engaged couples create and share their wedding gift list with friends and family. Using this module, couples can easily create wedding registries and list the products they would like to receive on their big day. They can also

add notes and share wedding registries with everyone or invited guests


Inviting guests to visit the wedding registry page is effortless, as couples can send email notifications directly from the website. This feature makes it simple for guests to purchase the perfect gift for the couple.

With this module, from the back end you can

present wedding registries as tables

that include columns for one of the engaged full name and the email address. This allows administrators to easily track which items are still available and which have already been purchased. They can instantly

find specific wedding registry data with quick search


Wedding Registry module streamlines the gift-list creation process for engaged couples, making it easier for guests to select the perfect gift. With this powerful tool, couples can enjoy their special day with confidence that their guests will have a seamless gift-giving experience.


This module is used in the backend and on the frontend and its settings can be found under the Orders/Customers, and Wedding registries tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Wedding registry list, wedding homepage and manage your wedding registry pages are added to this module.
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