United States Postal Service Shipping (USPS)

United States Postal Service Shipping (USPS)

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Integrate websites with USPS shipping services

for providing postal service in the United States, including insular areas and associated states.
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United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping integrates your website with USPS, the federal agency responsible for providing postal service in the United States, its insular areas, and associated states.

This module offers customizable restrictions such as

restricting USPS shipping to customer groups, countries, and website pages

. It also allows for language-specific shipping module names, and makes it possible to

enable USPS package tracking


Use additional features of this module to

choose test or production servers at USPS


assign taxes on shipping fee, and USPS shipping to All World or EU zones

. You can also

manage delivery date rules with USPS Shipping

. Specify display order, and

choose USPS Display weight or transit time



Try domestic and international USPS shipping options

. This module also allows you to select domestic services such as First Class, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express, as well as international services such as Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail International.

With USPS shipping, you can streamline your shipping process and enhance your customers' experience.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under the Modules and Shipping tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Shipping method widget is added to the checkout page.
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