User Two Step Auth

User Two Step Auth

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User two step auth module allows to send either emails or sms messages with one time passwords for using them in the two step authorization while the accounts are accessed by the users on the front end.
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  • 4.0.x
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Two step authorization is a method of identity verification in which an authorized user must complete two steps to authenticate successfully. For example, they could type in their account credentials (i.e., their usernames and passwords) but then be required to provide a second secret piece of information (such as a one-time PIN or a code they receive via email or sms) that authenticates them as the legitimate user. 

By default this module is set up to send emails with one time passwords for using them in the two step authorization. So in order to be able to send sms messages with this information the sms service module needs to be installed and properly configured. At the present moment it is possible to use the following services for sending sms such as: Mobizon, Sinch Cix Communications and Text Local sms services. The corresponding keys need to be obtained from these services in order to activate them. If the sms service is not available for any reason the system will send the email by default.

If there are more than one front end it is possible to set up the required sms service on each of these front ends separately.  

It is also possible to create and update both email and sms templates. 


This module is used in the backend only. 

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