Fraud Address

Fraud Address

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Prevent fraud with ease using Fraud Address module

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Fraud Address module is a powerful tool that helps businesses prevent fraudulent activity by monitoring and controlling various security aspects related to customer addresses. With the increasing use of digital channels, it is important to have fraud protection that does not impede the customer experience.

Integrate Fraud Address module with websites for seamless fraud protection



Configure fraud geo zone with Fraud Address module

to block fraudulent activity and allow or disallow customers who have made fraudulent orders in the past to make new orders. If a customer is disallowed, they will not be able to complete checkout as no shipping options will be displayed.


Automatically mark fraudulent orders based on address matches

. Additionally, you can enable or disable a cron job that checks for old fraudulent orders based on order mark statuses.


Manage fraudulent orders with Fraud Address module

. When an order is marked as fraudulent, you can add comments and confirm your actions. The order will be highlighted in orange not only in the Processing order window but also in the orders list. You can also use the module tools to add, edit, or delete fraud addresses and filter by fraud address types.


Remove fraud alerts from orders with the same email address

, and allow the customer to make future orders using that email address. Such a decision may be necessary in some cases and Fraud Address module provides a simple solution.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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