Upload Customer Id

Upload Customer Id

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Make it mandatory to upload customer IDs during checkout

process to verify customer eligibility for purchasing specific products.
Add to cart for logged only
  • osc app
  • Additional PHP libs
  • 3d party services
  • Additional requirements
In certain cases, it is crucial to verify the identity of customers. For instance, if a website sells alcohol, it is necessary to comply with the legal requirements of the country by verifying if the customer is of legal drinking age.


Mark products and countries using Upload Customer ID

module, triggering the system to prompt customers from those countries to upload an identity document during the checkout process. When both the product and the customer's country are marked, the customer is required to upload an identity document in order to successfully complete the purchase.

Administrators can

view IDs via links using Upload Customer ID module

to facilitate the administration of customer orders. By clicking on this link administrators view the document and can determine if the customer meets the eligibility criteria for purchasing the product or not.


This module is used both in the backend and on the front end. Its settings are available under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Upload ID widget should be manually added to the checkout page.
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