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Facilitate the Trade-in buying method,

offering customers to trade in their old product as part of the payment for a new one.
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  • osc app
  • Additional PHP libs
  • 3d party services
  • Additional requirements
Use the option to

invite buyers to participate in Trade-In program to get discounts

on new products when they trade in their old ones as part of the purchase. This service benefits both stores specializing in selling such goods and customers seeking cost-saving opportunities.

With Trade-In module, customers can purchase goods at a discounted price through the Trade-in program. For instance, a store selling new mobile phones may accept used phones through the Trade-in system, providing customers with a discount equivalent to the value of their old device when purchasing a new one.

To participate in the Trade-in program, there is a specific procedure for accepting used products. The module provides a seamless trade-in process, including verification of the old product's details.  For example, it is possible to

verify mobile phones by IMEI numbers during trade-in process.

Once the system approves the product, the total amount in the order for the new phone purchase is updated to reflect the Trade-in discount.

This module ensures that the product and its model, provided by the customer for the Trade-in discount, are clearly defined and linked to the new product being purchased. Additionally, the Trade-In module allows you to

manage Trade-in filters and groups.

Using this tool, it is possible to

add trade-in products and prices in bulk via file uploads,

simplifying the process for administrators.

Administrators also have the ability to

delete, enable or disable trade-in products and prices individually or in bulk,

giving them full control over the available options. Customers can initiate a trade-in order from the front end, while administrators can create trade-in orders from the back end.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Best trade-in price widget is added to this module. It is displayed on the product page and on the product listing page.
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