Trade Account Approval

Trade Account Approval

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Enable managers with different roles to approve customer trade accounts

in a customizable multi-step process.
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Trade Account Approval module provides the flexibility to assign distinct roles (such as employees and managers) and define the number of steps required to approve customer trade accounts. This module can be easily configured through the website's backend.

Additionally, you have the option to

use flexible role assignment for trade account approval

process. It is possible to designate either both employees and managers or only one of these teams to approve trade accounts at each step. This allows you to tailor the approval workflow to your specific requirements.

Furthermore, the module allows you to

arrange trade account approval steps in a specific order

to align with your needs. The position of a step in the list determines its significance in the approval process. Steps at the top act as initial approval stages, while those at the bottom serve as the final approval stage.

Using this module, you can

inform employees and managers about trade account approval status,

such as "In Progress," (indicating no actions have been taken yet), "Approved," and "Canceled" throughout the approval process.

The module offers convenient management options for existing managers. You can

change manager roles and disable accounts using Trade Account Approval

module. It also allows access to a dedicated page where managers can handle the approval of customer trade accounts. Newly added managers receive confirmation emails containing their access details, enabling them to log in to the designated managed page.

Once logged in, managers can

view a complete list of accounts using Trade Account Approval,

along with their respective statuses (the current status is highlighted in bold).

Additionally, managers

obtain access to specific account data with Trade Account Approval,

including the history of changes and the trade form to approve or decline trade accounts.  

Offer managers chat communication within Trade Account Approval

module to provide comments and attach relevant documents during the approval process.

By leveraging Trade Account Approval module, your organization can streamline and optimize the process of approving customer trade accounts, ensuring efficient collaboration among managers with diverse roles and responsibilities.


This module is used in the backend and on the frontend, and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

Widgets and pages:

Trade form and trade form (PDF) pages are added to this module.
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