Temporary Stock Report

Temporary Stock Report

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View orders being processed with Temporary Stock Report

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  • osc app
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Temporary Stock Report offers real-time product, stock, and order data. This module provides data on orders that are currently being processed.


Present temporary stock reports as tables

, with columns for Date Added (displaying the order's added date), Quantity (showing the product quantity in the order), Model (product model), Product Name, Warehouse, Customer Name, Order Number, and Action (the option to delete an order). This clear and organized table format allows for

easy analysis and understanding of temporary stocks


You can

release all temporary stock and export data to CSV

with one click. Also, easily

find temporary stock products by name using quick search


The module offers actionable insights to help you manage your orders and inventory effectively. Stay on top of your orders with Temporary Stock Report.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Reports tab.

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