Supplier Priority

Supplier Priority

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Optimize supplier selection with Supplier Priority module

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When dealing with a large number of suppliers, it can be challenging to make quick and informed decisions about the best supplier for your goods supply needs. Our Suppliers Priority module is a powerful tool that saves you time and helps you select the best supplier for your needs automatically.

Our module comes with four predefined supplier priority criteria: calculated product price, delivery cost, average delivery delay, and supplier stock level.


Define Supplier Priority by calculated product price and delivery cost

by displaying their values as percentage.

You can also

specify supplier priority by average delivery delay and stock level

by showing their values as days and pieces.

You can easily

enable, add, or delete each supplier priority with one click


Manual supplier priority adjustment

can be done by businesses to override the automatic selection.

If two criteria have the same value, the criterion listed higher in the priority order will be used first.

Using this module, you can set supplier priorities to choose the best suppliers based on your specific requirements. Don't waste any more time making decisions that can be automated with our user-friendly module. Optimize your supplier selection today to improve your overall supply chain performance!


This module is used in the backend only, and its settings can be found under the Products/Catalogue and Suppliers Priority tabs.

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