Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout

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integrate Stripe Checkout payment gateway into online stores.

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Stripe is a globally recognized electronic payment service available in over 40 countries. It offers individuals and businesses the ability to accept secure online payments on their websites. With Stripe Checkout, you can embed a payment form directly into your existing website, allowing your customers to pay instantly without being redirected to another page. It provides a seamless payment experience across computers, tablets, and smartphones. Mobile users can conveniently save their payment information for quick, one-touch payments, reducing the need for manual data entry.

With this module you can:
  • Easily

    integrate with account publishable API key using Stripe Checkout

  • Enhance security with the option to

    use secret API key and webhook signing secret with Stripe Checkout

  • Set order statuses for Stripe Checkout

    for orders before redirecting to gateway, successfully completed and canceled orders
  • Update stock before processing payments with Stripe Checkout

  • Select payment zone using Stripe Checkout

    for targeted transaction management
  • Configure debug email addresses with Stripe Checkout

    to efficiently resolve any issues
  • Sort Stripe Checkout payments display order

    according to your preferences

Using the other functionalities of this module, it is possible to

configure Stripe Checkout visibility on pages.

You can

restrict Stripe Checkout usage for customer groups,

define countries and translation options for Stripe Checkout module.

By utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of this module, you can seamlessly integrate Stripe Checkout into your online store, offering a secure and convenient payment solution to your customers while maintaining control over various settings and configurations.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under the Modules and Payment tabs.

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