Shipping Carrier Pick

Shipping Carrier Pick

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Automate shipping label application to orders using Shipping Carrier Pick

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Shipping carrier pick module automates the application of shipping labels to orders, following specific rules set for each shipping carrier.

By configuring the shipping carrier rule settings, you can

define label module and delivery address country using Shipping Carrier Pick

module. You can also

choose shipping zone, package amount range and weight with Shipping Carrier Pick.


determine order shipping cost and payment methods using Shipping Carrier Pick


Create and

prioritize multiple shipping carrier rules using Shipping Carrier Pick

module to ensure accurate label application for different scenarios.


Process orders in batches with Shipping Carrier Pick

module, to save time and eliminate the need for manual label application. When processing orders using the shipping label batch action, the module automatically applies the shipping labels to the designated orders based on the specified settings.

Shipping Carrier Pick module streamlines the order processing workflow, ensuring efficient and accurate application of shipping labels to orders while minimizing manual effort and potential errors.


This module is used in the backend only and can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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