Quotation Flags and Markers

Quotation Flags and Markers

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Easily set up flags and markers to process customer quotations

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Working with information requires precision and attention. Flags and markers improve this process making it more efficient and easier to manage by helping you focus on the important things.

By interpreting the colors of flags and markers in the quote list, admins can instantly see the stages of quote processing.

Using this tool, you can easily

set up quotation flags and markers by choosing colors and titles

. For example, a red flag means "Question", a blue flag means "Ready”, and a green flag means "Reserved". Similarly, use green markers for "Checked", blue for "Ready", and red for "Unconfirmed" to indicate quotation statuses.


Add or delete quotation flags and markers in one click

, update their title and color,

quickly search quotation flags and markers by name



This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Settings and Quotations Flag tabs.

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