Plain product description

Plain product description

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Enhance website search results with plain product description module

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This module addresses the common issue of visitors misspelling their search term and failing to find what they're looking for.

To solve this problem,

use Soundex with Metaphone or Full-Text Search with MySQL with plain product description

module. Soundex with Metaphone is a phonetic algorithm that produces more accurate encodings than the traditional Soundex algorithm by taking into account variations and inconsistencies in English spelling and pronunciation. Full-Text Search in MySQL allows users to run full-text queries against character-based data in MySQL tables. However, Full-Text Search requires more resources and can slow down the system when saving products.


With plain product description module search per name and bar code

, manufacturer and category, attribute and property. It is also possible to

set attribute order to prioritize search results with plain product description


We believe our plain product description module is an effective solution for improving website search results and enhancing the overall user experience.


This module is used in the backend only.

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