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Detect trojans, viruses, malware, and more using phpMussel.

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Your ultimate security companion phpMussel is a versatile PHP script designed to identify trojans, viruses, malware, and various threats within uploaded files. Whether the script is integrated,

phpMussel utilizes ClamAV and other signature-based detection methods

to ensure comprehensive protection. This powerful solution is particularly invaluable in shared hosting environments where traditional antivirus options may not be feasible.

Key Features of phpMussel:
  • Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).
  • Swift installation, easy customization, and intuitive usability.
  • phpMussel compatible with systems featuring PHP+PCRE,

    regardless of the operating system (PHP+PCRE is a prerequisite).
  • Offers complete configurability to align with your unique needs.
  • phpMussel is made for shared hosting services,

    filling a vital gap in security.
  • Perfect for safeguarding forum systems that rely on secure file uploads.
  • phpMussel requires no shell access or administrative privileges.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) mode available for advanced users.
  • Supported by a robust, dependable community base.
  • Effortless Database Updates

Stay up-to-date with evolving threats by ensuring regular database updates from ClamAV. For automatic updates, consider integrating the "Cron Scheduler" extension. However, if manual updates are preferred, the process can be easily executed through the console:

php yii.php clamav-databases/update

Integrate phpMussel today to provide unparalleled security for your online presence. Its simplicity, adaptability, and strong community support make it an indispensable asset, especially in shared hosting scenarios. When it comes to safeguarding your data and users, accept nothing less than the comprehensive protection phpMussel offers.


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