Pdf Catalogues

Pdf Catalogues

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This module allows creating downloadable PDF catalogues for your customers.
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Placing PDF catalogues on your site provides more detailed information about your products to customers.

This module allows you to create a catalogue of your products in PDF format, where most conveniently presented the information about the assortment of your online store, displaying its logo, images of the product with their description and characteristics. With one click, the buyer can download the catalogue to his/her computer and print if necessary. Also, the catalogue itself or a link to it can be sent by email to your customers or business partners.

The functionalities of the PDF Catalogues module allow viewing your existing catalogues or adding a new one, as well as viewing statistics for the existing catalogues.

While adding or editing a catalogue you can specify its title and upload the image for it and view the existing image or delete/unlink it.

After the catalogue is successfully created, the corresponding title and the image for it are displayed on the frontend.

Double click on the existing catalogue displays its pages. Adding a new page is possible in one click. While working with the pages of your catalogue you can edit, delete or view statistics for them.

When adding or editing a page you can specify its title and upload the PDF file for it. Also, it is possible to view the existing PDF files or delete them, if necessary.

As a result, if you click on the PDF catalogue or on its image on the front end, you can see the corresponding title and the PDF file links for the required page.


This module is used in the backend and on the frontend, and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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