Pack Units

Pack Units

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Streamline product purchases with pack unit options.
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Pack Units module is designed to enhance wholesale operations by providing comprehensive product packaging information. With this module, users can specify not only the dimensions and weight of a product but also the quantity of units within a carton and the number of cartons on a pallet, including the dimensions and weight of both the carton and the pallet.


Provide product packaging information with Pack Units module

to enhance wholesale operations. Pack Units module offers the following pack-based options:
  • Product Specification: Easily

    input dimensions, weight, and volume weight with Pack Units module

    in the designated fields.
  • Pack (Carton) Specification:

    Specify units per pack quantity with its dimensions and weight.

  • Pallet Specification:

    Indicate unit and pack quantity per pallet with its dimensions and weight.

  • Price and Cost Configuration:

    Set up price and cost for cartons and pallets with Pack Units module.

    Choose to utilize the base product price or set a manual price, and apply quantity discounts as needed.

With Pack Units module, managing product packaging details becomes effortless, enabling efficient purchasing processes and accurate cost calculations. This module is particularly valuable for businesses engaged in wholesale activities.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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