Nova Poshta Shipping

Nova Poshta Shipping

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Integrate websites with Nova Poshta shipping services

for businesses and individuals.
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Nova Poshta shipping module is an integration tool that connects your website with Nova Poshta, a private Ukrainian postal and courier company that offers logistics and related services for businesses and individuals. With this module, you can easily enable Nova Poshta services for your customers while having control over the module's functionality.

This module offers flexibility and customization options such as the possibility to

restrict Nova Poshta shipping to customer groups, countries, and website pages

, specifying shipping module names in both the backend and front end according to the desired language. Also,

Nova Poshta shipping enables shipment tracking


Additionally, you can

apply taxes to shipping costs, and Nova Poshta shipping methods to zones

. You can also

manage delivery date rules with Nova Poshta shipping


It is possible to specify the display sort order and use

WarehouseToWarehouse or WarehouseToDoors Nova Poshta shipping methods


This module provides a seamless and user-friendly solution for integrating Nova Poshta's logistics and related services into your website, with the ability to customize the module to fit your specific business needs.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under the Modules and Shipping tabs.

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