Invoice Number Format

Invoice Number Format

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Customize order and invoice number formats

based on shop owner requirements.
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Invoice Number Format module allows shop owners to define the desired order and invoice number formats, ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and meeting individual preferences.

You can use

fiscal year start date selection with Invoice Number Format.

The module offers the flexibility to select the fiscal year's start date based on country-specific regulations. Shop owners can choose any date within a year as the starting point.

Furthermore, the module accommodates shop owner requirements.

Enable customizable order and invoice counters using Invoice Number Format

to start from a specified number (e.g., 100). These counters reset at the beginning of each fiscal year and can differ for orders and invoices.

The module also allows

separate configuration of order and invoice number formats.

Various combinations can be utilized, such as:
Y: Full numeric representation of a year (4 digits), e.g., 2022
y: Two-digit representation of a year, e.g., 99 or 03
0Xc: Invoice counter with X-digit zero padding, e.g., 04c for 0001, 02c for 01 or 123 (e.g., for invoice 123)
For instance, a format like GGY-04c would result in invoice numbers such as GG2022-0001.

Additionally, you can

define start and end dates for formats using Invoice Number Format,

providing further customization options to suit specific needs.

Once implemented,

order and invoice numbers appear in formats in emails and lists,

excluding payment methods.

By leveraging Invoice Number Format module, shop owners can establish personalized order and invoice numbering systems that align with their requirements and adhere to applicable regulations.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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