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Image Map

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Using this module you can create clickable image areas and link them to the required products.
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With the Image Map module, you can draw and add multiple interactive areas to images.
For example, this function can be used for creating the location visualization of various parts of complex mechanisms, such as cars, agricultural, construction and other equipment.

Using interactive images, the customer gets all the necessary information about the product by simply hovering the mouse over its image on the image map. And this, in turn, greatly facilitates the process of selecting the right product for the customer.

How it works?

While creating an image map for a car you can write a title for it and upload the required image.

To create an interactive image of car parts that have different shapes, the functionality of the module allows you to draw these parts using a circle for round parts, rectangle – to mark the rectangle parts, polygon – to cover the perimeter of a part.

The clear function allows you to clear the whole image from all the marked lines. So, it is recommended to save the changes while you mark a part, one by one to avoid losing the marking accidentally. If there’s a need, using hints is also available in this module. 

All the created parts can be linked to the required products with indicating their quantity. Finally, after all the set up processes are over, this image map should be assigned to the required category or subcategory.

As a result, you will see the image and the list of parts below it on the front end under Interactive Line Drawings.

In parallel with interactive line drawings, the standard functionality is available in the form of a Conventional Shop, where the same products are presented with their descriptions in the same category or subcategory.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under Modules and Extensions tabs.

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Image map widget is added to this module.
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