DHL Shipping Label module

DHL Shipping Label module

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Integrate DHL shipping label service with online stores

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DHL, the global leader in logistics, brings you a powerful module that seamlessly integrates their shipping label service with your online store. With this module, you can

easily create DHL shipping labels

and access their extensive range of delivery services. Please note that this module requires the installation of DHL Shipping module for proper functionality.

DHL Shipping Label module offers a variety of customizable settings to suit your specific needs. You can

choose staging or production mode for DHL Shipping Label module

- to ensure smooth operation. Simply

enter site ID, password and account number using DHL Shipping Label

module to establish a secure connection. Additionally, you have the option to

insure specific value packages, obtain archive documents with DHL Shipping Label

for your records.


Customize DHL shipping label format

by selecting from various templates such as 8X4_A4_PDF, 8X4_A4_TC_PDF, 6X4_A4_PDF, and more. You can also

choose DHL shipping label resolution,

either 200 or 300, depending on your requirements. Easily

manage DHL shipping labels display order


assign titles to delivery methods using DHL Shipping Label

to enhance clarity for your customers.

You can

offer DHL shipping labels for the UK or worldwide

for global coverage. This tool is flexible enough to accommodate both options.

Seamlessly integrate DHL's trusted delivery services into your online store and streamline your shipping process with ease.


This module is used in the backend only and its settings can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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