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Generate leads and sales from various channels with Awin module

, making it an ideal platform for affiliate marketing.
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  • osc app
  • PHP version
  • 7.4.x
  • osCommerce version
  • 4.0 or newer
  • Additional PHP libs
  • NO
  • Module dependences
  • Depended
  • 3d party services
  • NO
  • Additional requirements
  • NO
By connecting your website to the Awin tracking system, you can

track and analyze visitor behavior with Awin module

to better understand their needs and preferences. This information enables you to make informed business decisions.

Use Awin module to convert visitors into customers


Easily configure

Awin module live and test mode settings

to ensure that your marketing campaigns are effective. The platform also provides you with an Advertiser ID that you can use to maximize the impact of your campaigns. By using Awin module, you can take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level and achieve your business goals.


This module is used in the backend only and can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

Widgets and pages:

No widgets and pages are added to this module.
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