Automatic product status update

Automatic product status update

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An extension that automates product status updates between a website and its corresponding data source.
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Managing product status updates for a website can be time-consuming, especially when the same product needs to be managed both in the website's backend and its data source. However, an extension for switching on/off product status - Automatic product status update offers more efficient

product status updates for websites



Automate product status updates

, making changes in the corresponding data source. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual updates. Additionally,

Automatic product status update includes manual status state control

toggle, which can be turned on or off to give administrators more control over product status updates.

When the manual status state control toggle is turned on, the system will not overwrite any manual product status changes made by an administrator during the next data import from the source. On the other hand, if an administrator manually switches on/off a product status and the manual status state control toggle is turned off, the system will automatically turn it back on.

This extension streamlines the process of managing product status updates and gives administrators more control over their website's product inventory. Try efficient

inventory management with Automatic product status update



This extension is used in the backend only. The manual status state control toggle appears under the Main details tab while adding/editing a product.

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