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Attributes Details

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Learn how to differentiate between product variations with the Attributes Details module.
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When a product has multiple variations, it is important to

differentiate product variations with Attributes Details module

to ensure proper identification. For instance, a clothing item may have variations in size and color, which require unique values to be assigned to each variation. This is where Attributes Details module comes in handy.

You can

assign values to product variations with Attributes Details module

. This includes assigning model numbers, UPC and EAN barcodes, ASIN codes for Amazon products, and ISBN for commercial book identification. This ensures accurate identification and tracking of trade items in stores or online.

In addition to unique identification values, you can also

add weight and availability dates with Attributes Details module

as physical characteristics. This helps customers make informed decisions about their purchase and allows for accurate inventory management.

It is possible to

identify products and variations with model numbers with Attributes Details module

. It can be useful for tracking inventory and identifying specific items.

Attributes Details module tracks items with UPCs and EANs

which are widely used worldwide for tracking items in stores. The module allows you to assign these barcodes to products and variations for accurate tracking and inventory management.

You can

identify products on Amazon with ASINs with Attributes Details module

. ASIN code is an alphanumeric code that identifies products on the platform.


Attributes Details module allows using of ISBNs

for commercial book identification, which helps differentiate between different editions of the same book.

This module is a vital tool for accurately identifying and managing variations on a website. By providing unique identification values and physical characteristics, it helps ensure proper identification, tracking, and inventory management.


This module is used in the backend only and can be found under the Modules and Extensions tabs.

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