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Enable companies to promote your products to their customers with Affiliate

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Affiliate module allows other companies and websites to register in your online store and promote your products or services to their customers in exchange for a commission fee. With this module, you have all the necessary tools to manage your affiliates and track their activities and profits.

Affiliates can easily register on your store's frontend and appear in the backend Admin Panel for your approval. Once approved, they receive a notification email and can start promoting your products using their unique referral link. You can

view affiliate performance sales reports

, including the affiliate who referred the sale, the date of purchase, order ID, total price, commission fee, and purchase status.

In addition, you can

provide a list of registered affiliates

, displaying their ID number, Last and First Name, commission rate, website address, and status. After approval, affiliates can access the virtual platform via a URL sent to their email, where they can view customer orders, send emails, and print invoices and packing slips.


Set commission rates, payment threshold and cookie lifetime with Affiliate module

to fit your needs. It is also possible to

specify billing time, payment type, and multilevel affiliate provisions

. You can even

enable affiliate percent and set up tier levels with percent rates

for each level.

Overall, Affiliate module is a powerful tool to expand your marketing reach and increase your sales by leveraging the promotional efforts of other companies and websites.


This module is used in the backend only.

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