A Project is Born

12th March 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon

After months of preperation and layout designs, the day has arrived where we are able to release a preview release of this project! The aim of this project is to be used as an example study to show one method of how an online shop works, both client and administrative sides. This project includes a working online shop, documentation, source code, and database model - which is released as an open-source project under the GNU General Public License. Online support is also available through our mailing list.

Currently as a 'Preview Release', there is no www based administrative functionality. Upon completion of this www based functionality, the ideas and contributions made from the public will be incorporated into a package and released as a v1.0 release.

If your interested in knowing how an online shop works, then get involved in this project! Here you will learn what is happening behind the scenes, and how its all put together. Theres nothing better than doing something yourself, following the 'I can do it my way' approach ensures in maximizing the services you provide.

More information about this project can be found at 'About The Project'.

Please note, the product information in the 'Online Demonstrations' is to be taken fictional! No products will be delivered, and no charges will be made.

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