Testing Opayo Pi Module on Front End

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See the manual Managing Opayo Pi Module or see the corresponding playlist below and then see this manual.

Find one of the products.

Image 1274.png

Click on Add to Basket and then on Go to Cart buttons.

Image 1275.png

Click on Pay with card button.

Image 1276.png

Choose Opayo payment method, fill in the test information, consent with the policy and click on Confirm and pay button.

Image 1277.png

You will see the success page that your order has been created.

Image 1278.png

Navigate to the admin area and click on Orders/Customers and Orders tabs. The order was created with the status configured in the module settings. Click on this order.

Image 1279.png

You can find further information about the billing method and the transaction details.

Image 1280.png
Image 1281.png

See the link to the playlist below demonstrating how to install Opayo Pi module from admin area and from oscommerce.com account as well as how to configure Opayo Pi module and test it on the front end: