OsCommerce version 4.x installation via Install osCommerce for me option

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Regarding installing osCommerce 4.x version on the osCommerce server please note that for the evaluation purposes the trial period is unlimited at the moment, but will be limited to 30 days by the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024. After this policy is implemented and your 30 days trial period is over you will have a choice to sign up for the osCommerce hosting service at a very reasonable price or migrate your website to another hosting provider.

Please note that osCommerce version 4.x installation via install osCommerce for me option is the quick installation solution allowing to install 4 sales channels and 4 corresponding themes automatically. To start this installation process navigate to https://www.oscommerce.com website and click on Try with osCommerce host button.

Image 1150.png

Either login to your osCommerce account or create one by clicking on the corresponding options.

Image 1149.png

Fill in the required fields and click on Check subdomain availability button.

Image 1148.png

Click on Install osCommerce for me option.

Image 1147.png

If you click on Display optional extra fields button you can fill in these fields or it is also possible to skip them and fill them in when you have access to the administrator area of your website. So you can click on Back to short form button, fill in the required fields and click on Submit request button.

Image 1146.png
Image 1151.png

The success page will show up and ask you to wait for the email regarding your request.

Image 1152.png

In this welcome email you will find the login details to the administrator area of your website as well as FTP and Database access. As a result you can login to the administrator area of your website by clicking on either backend link or your website link and navigating to the administrator area from there.

Image 1301.png
Image 1154.png

See the link to the playlist below demonstrating the osCommerce version 4.x installation on your own server, Install osCommerce for me and Let me install myself options: