New PayPal Module (Latest API 2.0) Configuration in Standard Variant for osCommerce 4-based systems

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To configure the new PayPal module in the standard variant click on Modules, Payment and Online tabs, choose the required sales channel and then click on PayPal Quick Setup button.

Image 1110.png

We assume you already have your PayPal account so choose Yes, connect it in the pop up window and click on Next button.

Image 1109.png

In the next pop up window you can either have your own REST API keys on hand and know how to set them up or you can get them automatically from PayPal by clicking on Continue to PayPal button. You can also use PayPal sandbox account to test this functionality first (we assume you would like to get your REST API automatically from PayPal).

Image 1108.png

Login to your PayPal account as the seller.

Image 1107.png
Image 1106.png

Click on Agree and Connect button to proceed.

Image 1105.png

After you see the success page click on Go back to osCommerce Sandbox button.

Image 1104.png

Scroll it down and you can see your PayPal keys generated on your PayPal account. In case you chose the option have your own REST API on hand and know how to set them up mentioned above you would see this this page and would need to fill in your keys in the corresponding fields yourself.

Click on Test API Details button. If the API connection is successful click on Close icon and on Update button to complete this process.

Image 1111.png

The system is ready to get the money.

See the link to the videos below demonstrating the new PayPal module integration with systems based on osCommerce 4.х: