Managing Suppliers

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Products/Catalogue and Suppliers tabs. You can add a new supplier or edit or delete (if it is not the default supplier) the existing one. Also, if it is not the default supplier, you can set the status to on/off.

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When adding/editing a supplier, you can set supplier name, default delivery time in days (from / to), default tax rate (in %), “price with tax” flag to yes or no, additional fields values (AWRS, Sage Code, Payment delay in days, Supply delay in days, Condition, and Condition description), supplier company details (name, tax / VAT ID, contact name, contact phone(s), address), one or several currencies associated with the supplier and authentication data for supplier (email and password).

For existing suppliers you can set quantity discounts in % and default price formula, based on currency, cost from x to y or cost not less than, cost, discount, surcharge and margin. Discount, surcharge and margin can be set up as well.

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