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To enable the extended search option for your web store, access the admin area of your website, then move to the App Shop and Store tabs.

Find the Search Plus module version 1.0.0 using a quick search, and install it on your website.  

App Shop7.png

Once installed, go to the Reports and Search Statistics tabs. Here you can check product search results and statistics, using the Search Plus filter options for relevant results.

By analyzing the search statistics data, you can check if the desired product was found or not, and view search statistics such as keywords, search count, search week, search month, success, date added, and last modified.

Search Statistics.png

Under the My Marketing tools and Search Alternatives tabs, you can work with search alternatives that allow you to use the correct keywords offered by this module instead of the customer-entered keyword if it is incorrect or misspelled. For example, "men" instead of "mans," "Gucci" instead of "guci," and so on. 

To create or edit a search alternative, click the Insert or Edit button and add new or edit the existing alternative.

Search Alternatives.png
Edit Alternatives.png
Insert Alternatives.png