Managing Product Relocation

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To be able to keep track of product relocation between warehouses, access the admin area of your website, and then move to the App Shop and Store tabs.

Find the Product Relocation module version 1.0.0 using a quick search, and install it on your website.  

App Shop 19.png

Once installed, go to the Products/Catalogue and Products Relocate tabs.

If you click the Create Products Relocation button, you will be automatically moved to the page of selection of the warehouse from which products must be relocated.

Choose the required warehouse from the drop-down list and click the Select button.

Product Relocation button.png
Warehouse from.jpg

Now, click the Add product button on the Product details page to specify products for relocation.

Add product button.jpg

In the pop-up window, select the desired product and click the >> button. The product will appear in the right section of the window.  

To delete the product, click on the bin icon.

Once all the required products have been selected, click the Add button.

Add product.jpg

Indicate the number of products for relocation by dragging the scroll to the required number. While specifying the product quantity, you can see its available stock.

From the drop-down list select the warehouse to which you want to move the products, then click the Create button.   

Product quantity4.jpg

As a result, you have the Products Relocation report which is presented in the form of a table displaying the following information:

- Outgoing information block shows from which warehouse the product was relocated with indication of its Name, Model, Location and Quantity.

- Incoming information block reports to which warehouse the product was relocated with indication of its Name, Model, Location and Quantity.

Relocation report.jpg

If necessary, you can print the Products Relocation report by clicking on the Picklist button.

Picklist button.png