Managing Google Merchant Center Module

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Welcome to the comprehensive user guide for managing the Google Merchant Center module. This powerful tool allows you to optimize and fine-tune your product inventory, specifically tailored for Google Shop sales channels.

1 Enabling the Module:

After successfully installing the module, navigate to the Modules and Extensions tabs. Utilize the quick search option to locate the Merchant Center module and toggle the status switch to enable it.

2 Accessing Module Settings:

Click on the Merchant Center button under the module description. This action will automatically redirect you to the Merchant Center settings page, where you can configure the module to meet your specific needs.

1 Enable MC.png

3 Integration with Google Shop:

Connect your product sales channel with Google Shop by integrating the provided Google code. Enter the feed URL and use the drop-down lists to select your product sales channel and Google Shop sales channel. Input the Google code in the required field.

You can also select the product sales channel by clicking on its tab.

2 select sales channel.png

4 Customizing Displayed Columns:

Choose the columns you want to display on Google, including vital details such as product description, thumbnail image, price, shipping method, model number, and more. Tailor the information to create an engaging and informative product listing for potential customers.

5 Enable/Disable Product Identifiers:

Depending on your preferences, enable or disable UPC, EAN, and ISBN. This flexibility allows you to control which product identifiers are visible on Google Shop.

6 Adding Additional Attributes:

Enhance your product fields by adding extra attributes and properties, such as size, gender, material, and more. Providing comprehensive information creates a more detailed and appealing shopping experience for your customers.

7 Saving Customization:

Once you have configured the module settings to your satisfaction, click on the 'Update' button to save your customization. This ensures that your product information is accurately reflected on Google Shop, maximizing visibility and sales potential.

3 select columns.png

Thank you for choosing our Google Merchant Center module! We hope this guide proves useful in maximizing the benefits of your online store. If you encounter any issues, refer to the documentation provided with the module. Happy managing!