Managing Collection Points

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To be able to inform customers about the addresses of your physical stores and collection points, access the admin area of your website,

and then move to the App Shop and Store tabs. Find the Collection points module version 1.0.1 using a quick search, and install it on your website.  

App Shop 14.png

Once installed, go to the Modules and Extensions tabs. Find the Collection points module in the list of modules with a quick search

and click the Edit button to customize the module.


On the module edit page, you can enable/disable the module, and separate collect and dispatch methods in the shopping cart.


To set up collection points, move to the Modules and Collection Points tabs. Here you can create, edit and delete collection points

by clicking on the corresponding buttons and change their statuses, using the switch.  

Collection points tab.png

If you click the Insert or Edit button, you will automatically move to the edit collection point page, where you can create/change the address of a collection point, select the most suitable collection point, auto-relocate the missing stock and send notifications to the warehouse. You can also disable order collection on specific days by checking the box next to the required day of the week.

Edit page.png