Installing Opayo Pi Module from Account

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If your website has not been connected to App Shop yet see the manual Connecting to App Shop first or watch the corresponding video and then see this manual.

Login to your account on

Image 1266.png

Find Opayo Pi module.

Image 1265.png

Click on Add to my library button.

Image 1264.png

Navigate to the admin area of your website and click on App Shop and My Library tabs. Opayo Pi module is ready for installation so click on Install button.

Image 1263.png

Choose the required sales channel or install the module on all the sales channels at once and click on Continue installation button.

Image 1271.png

You will see the success page that your module has been installed. Click on Check settings for the required platform link.

Image 1272.png

You can start configuring your module now.

Image 1273.png

See the link to the playlist below demonstrating how to install Opayo Pi module from admin area and from account as well as how to configure Opayo Pi module and test it on the front end: