Creating Mailchimp Sign up Form

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

To get the most updated information regarding creating Mailchimp sign up form visit the official Mailchimp website and contact their support team. The purpose of this manual is to explain what is current and important for the shop now.

Mailchimp sign up form can be created without having an account on the website and be used on the website afterwards.

Login to your Mailchimp account and click on Lists tab.
Image 59.png
Image 58.png

Click on Signup forms.

Image 60.png

Choose Form builder.

Image 61.png

Make the design (the designer works according to the clicks (no drag-and-drops).

Image 62.png

The form is saved automatically so open the short link ( in the browser. It redirects to the standard link like

Add the parameters according to the field names.


And you get the pre-filled form (official method).


Note: To make the GDPR message and checkboxes look nicer click on Settings drop down list and then on List name and defaults option.

Image 63.png