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Date - 07.12.2022

Filename -

Changes -

* fix: enable configure company field for customer regardless of whether VatOnOrder ext is allowed

- remove PromoCode widget to Promotions extension

+ translations: reset cache for entity only extension

* fix translations: don't initialize main entity

* fix translations: remove main keys if acl is removed

+ ability to change extension translation type with __config_as__ key

* fix ErrorLogViewer: error when tmp folder is not writable or does not exist

* fix ErrorLogViewer: error when logs dir is not created yet

* fix ErrorLogViewer: width for popup window

* fix ErrorLogViewer: log sorting

+ ErrorLogViewer: added translation key

* fix groups table for mysql8

* fix: CustomerProducts: unknown class error

* fix for apply_coupon link

* filter translation array before installing

* fix warning exception when there is no connect to app shop

- removed extensions remains: Awin, AutomaticallyStatus, Subscribers, OrderMarkers, CookieNotice, CustomerFlag, CustomerCode, Newsletters

- remove nova_pochta_translations

- remove ProductBundle remains

+ OscLink: ability to import the original ids for customers, categories, products, orders if the own tables are empty

+ OscLink: ability to import additional product images

* OscLink fix: create parent menu if it does not exist

* dbg: logging stack

* fix sql error if database name contains hyphen

* fix: using additional_platforms in application_top

* fix: admin menu is not added when installing extensions in system updates

* fix system update under windows

* php8 compatibility

* fix Promotion: unknown class error

* fix 0.01-0.02 difference between total and total_inc_tax values

* fix double tax when IncVat widget is used

* fix: saving modules visibility

* fix: title for extension edit

* fix ChooseTheme

* align order product price cell

* align order product image

* prevent double order

+ banners can be added to content

* update catalog view on edit order

* fix groups, fix widget visibility

* separating items_on_page between different listings

* fix for changing items_on_page

+ banners can be added to infopage content

* fix quantity js

+ remember open or close widget

* fix translation list

+ translation key autoformat

* align translation page view

* fix translations in designer

+ load js with ajax content

* fixed shop key warning

* install ignore possibility

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